Wednesday, December 26, 2007

A Happy Christmas

A Merry Birthday

Pre X-Mas X-itement

Normally in this space at this time would be pictures of our annual trip to Margaret's for Linda's Birthday. Instead we decided to drive to Dodge City and back. We made this decision in Dodge City when we could no longer see . It took as an hour to get to Dodge and two and a half to get back home.

It was nice that we didn't go since I didn't have to wait two days to see what happened to Alec, Pam and The Black.

Robin Hood and Little John (Anna thought they needed to have their green hats on before they watched the movie.)

Luckily, Betsy read on a review of Anna's X-mas present not to wait until the night before christmas to put it together. Let's see, while I was assembling this kitchen, I was able to watch the final three episodes of Lost season three, along with all 4 commentaries, and the majority of the special features disc. Of course, a normal person would not feel compelled to grind off the edge left over on each piece from the molding process, so you could probably done it in half that time.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

The Christmas Story

One of Those... Anna narrows down her Christmas list.

A couple of notes:
1. Cell phone videos are not that great. My apologies for the ultra low volume.
2. Try to imagine, as you are watching, how long she had been saying that over and over again. Enough time for me to notice, dig my phone out of my pocket, figure out how to switch the camera to video mode, and then shoot the video. There was absolutely no break during that time period.

In Which lobiwan Gives Up on Any Sense of Chronological Decorum in Order to Make a Post About the Thanksgiving Connect 4 Tournament.

Anna didn't believe me when I pointed out that I had already won.

Pre-dinner. With an empty stomach, my mind is sharp; unbeatable. For the second year in a row, I am the top seed after the pre-dinner pool play.

Anna greatly preferred Hot Shot Basketball to connect 4.

The championship match. Piglet vs. Roo. Again.

Roo. The Champion.

Roo and Piglet enjoy the spoils of war.

So much promise! He had it all!
He did not lose a match before dinner.
He did not win a match after dinner.
He is left alone to ponder his failure.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

More Randomness

They have been doing seismograph work recently, and Anna always asks what I am looking at out the window. Without fail, when I tell her that I am looking at the thumper trucks, she tells me "No, Thumper is a bunny."

The whole gang out at the Little Grill in Manhattan, which is a Jamaican restaurant. I found out why the call it "Jerk Chicken" Luckily my stomach only jerked once, and then accepted its fate.

Apparently, there is not even a cursory examination of fire safety in medical school.

Rabbit looking pretty for our first attempts at Christmas pictures.

Piglet and Tigger celebrate Piglet's Graduation.

Rabbit congratulates Piglet.

Piglet and her diploma... cover.

Piglet at the ceremony.

Our view of the ceremony.

Rabbit really enjoyed Roo's concert.

That little black dot on my arm meant a whole week's fumigation delay in hauling in this wheat. I can't really complain, though, since the price of wheat went up a whole dollar during that time.

More desperate times.
See Part 1

Anna took these three pictures. She wanted to take a picture of Piglet, which I helped her with, and then she ran off with the camera.

No Cephas meant a peanut party at Loby Thanksgiving.

It's nice to see Mark being bullied for a change.

This picture shows two things: 1st: Look at that stand! 2nd: they dropped the pump 20 feet, putting it at the bottom of the hole. That's the last step before drilling a new well.

This has been a terrible year for tires. This (new) tire went flat during milo harvest.