Monday, January 30, 2006

Looky Looky Looky Looky look look look!!!

Below this post you should find a picture of Anna's new cousin Jonathan! He is pretty cool, from what I've heard. It makes us all very sad that we cannot hold him. Anna took it so hard that she has come down with the mystery virus that is crippling our school system. It is very sad. Meanwhile I finally ran some real numbers for the farm and am happy to say that I shouldn't be foreclosed on for at least another year, so that puts me in a much better mood. Anna had to miss Jairus' birthday party last night because she has been forbidden to see other children. Jairus is years old! Anyway, I will probably (possibly?) be posting more since I am no longer so worried about the farm.

Mr. Jonathan and his Mommy Posted by Picasa

Thursday, January 05, 2006

Boo to titles

Well I have got to give my regards to Texas. I didn't think they could do it and they did. The entire Big XII thanks you. The Big XII might have the sloppiest, most inconsistent offenses in the country, but you know what else they have? Yes, that's defense.

These are the kind of quotes that bug me: Pete Carroll "If you make that first down, you're squatting on the football to win the game," Carroll said. "We just missed it. By what -- two inches?" That's right Pete, you lost the game because your offense failed. I'm sure the fact that Texas proceeded to waltz down the field right over your defense had nothing to do with it.

Said Leinart: "I still think we're a better football team. They just made the plays in the end." I think that Leinart must mean prettier team, or perhaps better offense, since in order for a team to make plays has to NOT make plays. Which is their job.

Sorry about that, Betsy.

In other news we have all gotten sick this week, even Anna. She threw up all over her crib the night before last. It was very sad. She has been pretty tired and lethargic(for Anna). Betsy stayed home from school yesterday, so she and Anna slept for most of the day.

WOTD: expergefaction

Monday, January 02, 2006

Anna and Mama at the coast just south of Crecsent City, CA Posted by Picasa

Jeanette and #17 enjoy showing off. Posted by Picasa

Jeanette, #17, and Eric enjoying the trees. Posted by Picasa

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Anna gets some help with her stocking. Posted by Picasa

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Erin and Chelsea joined us for 1st X-mas! Posted by Picasa

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Anna putting Susan to sleep. Posted by Picasa

Drew helps with my seafood lasagna for Chelsea's dinner party. Posted by Picasa

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X-mas, Oregon, and a brand new year

SO last week we went to Oregon to see jeanette and eric and #17. it was betsy and anna's first trip to the "socialism state", so there was much to see and do. It rained the whole time we were there so we didn't really see or do too much. Mainly we went carpet and tile shopping(J&E are building themselves a clubhouse on the back of their house.) We did go see the big trees and the coast("Visit Medford, it's really close to california")though. We had to stay with a complete stranger, so future visitors beware. I suppose next time we will book our hotel in advance. We were also forced to eat and pretend to eat breakfast. Everyone in oregon is very strange, and it's hard to describe how. The funniest part of the trip for me was when Eric's dad[Ed(Eric's dad) and Jeff(eric's step-brother) drove down from Idahoe to help tile the bathroom] announced that his wife had sent a "big lasagna" with him for us to eat. He then went out to his car and returned with a Stouffer's brand Lasagna in a yellow box. I guess it just wasn't what I expected...

Anyways we really did have a very nice time on the trip and it was really nice to see eric and jeanette.

Betsy had to go to work today which is the dumbest thing ever.

Todays word of the day is nihilarian. What does it mean?
(the winner of this year's word of the day will get a prize, I promise.)(And if you look it up in a dictionary you are not very nice, but then again I guess you could be the first to look it up so maybe that is ok)
(If it is pronounced other than how you think I would naturally pronounce it then you should tell me how to pronounce it correctly so I don't sound like a dope --the calander does not tell me.)( that goes for future words, as I clearly can pronounce THIS word just fine.)